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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here is the Flat Belly Challenge info!!

It’s finally here!

At the link below you can download the report which contains the rules and regulations for my new “FLAT BELLY CHALLENGE”.

It’s simple…

1. Take a few before photos (see report for instructions).
2. Follow my BellyFatFree or 7-Day BellyBlastDiet for 12 weeks.
3. Take your after photos and send in your completed challenge packet (found at the link below)

If you are chosen as the overall winner you will get $2,500.00. Nine runners-up will receive $250 in complimentary nutrition products. (10 winners in all.)

And the great news is that I’ll be here to coach you to flat-belly success every step of the way.

This really represents the best time to take action and finally get that body you can be proud of. You’re always going to be busy, don’t put it off a second longer... join us today!

The official Challenge starts Monday, October 24th, so be sure to take your before pictures right away (read the download for details).

Let’s do this together!

Coach Josh

P.S. If you want to learn a tip to accelerate your results during the challenge… check out this article…

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