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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Special Announcement: New flat-belly challenge (WIN $2500)

By Coach Josh Under 7-Day Belly Blast Diet
I’m so excited!
Today I’m announcing the new “FLAT BELLY CHALLENGE” and you’re invited to join in on the fun (and supportive) competition.
It’s simple… join us to drop all your unwanted belly flab and everyone will vote and the winner will get a $2500 spokesperson deal with my company. Nine runners-up will receive $250 in complimentary nutrition products. (10 winners in all.) More prizes will be announced this week.
Maybe you’ve been searching for a reason to take action and lose that belly flab once and for all? Well now’s the one perfect time to take action and it’s so easy to join us…
All you need to do is use one of my “flat-belly” diet programs (Belly Fat Free or 7-Day Belly Blast Diet) for 12 weeks, turn in your before and after photos and fill out a 5 question questionnaire.
(If you don’t have my program yet… Learn About It Now === > CLICK HERE)
The official Challenge starts next Monday, October 17th, so I’ll be helping you get prepared this entire week.
If you’re interested in joining us, here is what you MUST do right away…
In the comment section below:
  1. State your full name (or initials) and let me know that you’re committed to starting and finishing this entire 12-week program NO MATTER WHAT.
  2. Share with me how many pounds you want to lose over the next 12 weeks during the Challenge.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Coach JoshCoach Josh

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