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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I have been away from my blog for awhile, because my youngest graduated. It truly took me awhile to get my mind wrapped around the party, the graduation itself, and how I wanted to be (weight wise, what to wear, what to do with my hair, etc) and of course, the house cleaning to get done. All of these things sucked my time away! The best thing? I did work out every morning 6 days aweek during all of the hubub! So what I want to talk about today? Celebrate the little things you did right today! Here's my list: I got up early and exercised for 30 minutes. I ate a good breakfast and lunch. I ate a healthy snack. I did a load of towels before work (whoo hoo). I talked my daughter into doing the dishes! I am on target with my water today. I am going to celebrate each little thing. I will not celebrate with food. I will celebrate by watching something I want to watch while doing step ups for 30 minutes and giving my body a wonderful stretch! Now I can hardly wait! What are you doing for yourself today?

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