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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We had company over the weekend. Everyone but me was on vacation, so everyone wanted to eat like they were on vacation...
which brings me to my topic today.
We face it every day. Some days more than others. How do we cope? How do we keep on top of our goal with all this calorie ridden food around?
My strategies for temptation:
1. eat a little. Just enough to get the taste,
    this is a dangerous one, if it is a trigger food you may be in trouble. tread carefully with this one.
2. get a different, better for you version of the food. Many times this will do the trick.
    for instance, one day I was craving plain salty potato chips, I wanted a whole bag. I bought baked Lays
   instead, only ate about 3, cuz they don't trigger my overeater!
3. remember, there is a cheat day coming.
   If there is something I really want, I remember it for my cheat day, make a plan to eat it that day,
   sometimes I don't want it by then!
If you really don't think you can get through it, make sure what you buy is organic. This will keep the obesity additives at bay.
Did anyone watch Extreme Makeover Body Edition this week? That guy was seriously addicted to the obesity additives in the fast food. So much so, that he snuck out and went through the drive thru several times a week when he was on the program!
We have to wean ourselves from the "drugs" the fast food world is throwing at us! It is so dangerous!
if you need more information on this, comment, and I will put up a list of foods to avoid.
have a great day!

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