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Thursday, November 3, 2011


So...snack time. I get pretty hungry by 10am, I usually keep some (self)roasted almonds on hand. Well earlier this week, or maybe last week, I make myself a baggie with slow cook oatmeal, some flax and some cinnamon for a snack. I have totally been putting off eating it, sometimes I just don'e feel like oatmeal. Sensing this, this morning I threw in some of those new Nature Valley Granola thins, in case oatmeal wasn't my thing again today.
But as my tummy started rumbling, I sat here and thought. OK, 90 calorie granola thin won't be enough for my hunger, so I will probably eat both, 180 calories (still not bad) but just didn't seem too filling. So I ate the 150 calorie bowl of oatmeal, and am so full! I am proud of my choice!
what good choices did you make today?

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