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Monday, November 28, 2011


Zola Gorgon
Givaudon. Purveyor of Obesity?

I about lost my appetite last night while watching 60 Minutes. They timed the episode perfectly after Thanksgiving. Most of America had spent the weekend overeating. That’s just what we do. And now 60 Minutes was exposing us to what we really eat. Great timing.

Chemicals. Magic. Illusion. Madness. That’s what we eat when we eat processed food. If that stuffing you ate came out of a box or a bag, listen up. If that cranberry sauce came out of a can. You need to see this. If anything you ate over the weekend had a label that listed “natural or artificial flavorings” you’re in for a surprise.

I’m going to share with you the link to the 60 Minutes segment featuring a company called Givaudon. It’s a company you’ve probably never heard of but I guarantee you’ve consumed their products.

Givaudon specializes in flavorings. FAKE food tastes. Wait until you see what they can do to reproduce the flavor of chicken. That chicken noodle soup you ate? You know the joke about the proverbial chicken that only ran through the soup? Now you will find out it’s true. They can make you think you ate real chicken when all you had was a Givaudon experience of fairy tale chicken.

They call themselves illusionists; flavor experts who can duplicate and manipulate any flavor on the planet. And they show off in this segment like they are proud of what they do, when in fact they should be ashamed. At least that’s my opinion.

They admit they are in the business of addiction. They proudly agreed that they are in the business of addiction. Then, when they realized that maybe that word wasn’t giving off the positive impression they should portray, they manipulated the conversation to relate that they are only hoping you’ll want more of the product; that they will have instilled a pleasurable experience that you’ll want to repeat over and over again. So what’s the difference? There is none.

The flavoring business is nefarious at best.

It’s no wonder the huge majority of American’s are getting fatter. The manipulation is horrendous. And at the end of this segment you’ll see that they are transitioning now to produce even more flavorings to “help” us get thinner. Yeah, right.

I can see I’m on my soapbox now, so I’ll close off and let you decide for yourself. If this segment doesn’t get you to beg off of artificially flavored and processed food, I just don’t know what will.

I hope this sinks in and sinks in deeply.

Here is the link:;storyMediaBox"

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