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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last Night's bodyrock workout/Why I'm so sore

This has been a tough week for me. I think partly because has started to put up beginner/intermediate/expert workouts, and I am choosing the intermediate. I don't know why.
Here is what I did last night, 15 minutes

2 sets of each exercise 50 sec each/ 10 sec off
walking pushup with tuck jump
ab crunch, stand and jump with two 8 pound weights
superman pushups (with feet elevated)
1/2 burpee with sumo high knees with two 8 pound weights
using two chair backs, low jack/V leg lifts
plank jumps, stand, shoulder press with two 8 pound weights

then, as a bonus! Abs!
50 seconds each exercise, 10 sec off

tuck abs with arm lifts
diamond legs reverse crunch
toe touch, right and left alternate

I was really sore after these last few days, but I feel like I accomplished something, something harder than I thought I could do.
(I am 49 and keeping up with my 22 and 18 year olds!)

So, this morning I did about 10 minutes of various ab crunches, and stretched my body really good for 20 minutes.
Also, don't forget to drink alot of water if you are sore.

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