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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Are you doing all of the above? If not, then you can't complain. These things are vital to getting the weight off and keeping it off.
I decided it is time for me to keep a log of what I am doing, and you can follow along, or ask questions, and I can hopefully help you along.

At the moment, I could lose 15 pounds. 14-15 right around there.
So, who's with me?
Last night I did the workout from
here is what I did
this is a descending workout, meaning each exercise I did 10 times, then 9, then 8 etc.
switch lunges with two-8 pound weights
elevated push ups
low-jacks in squat position, with two-8 pound weights
push up/tricep dip one of each
side jump over weights, push up, tuck jump.

all in all with little breaks to drink or take a breath, this took me 35 minutes to complete.

This morning I got up and did Hip Hop Abs 2, fatburning cardio for 45 minutes. Then I had my protein shake, and went on to work.

this evening I will do another bodyrock workout.

My daily food intake goes like this
7am protein shake
10am snack (usually some almonds and some protein, either a shake or a bar, or some oatmeal and no almonds.
1pm, lunch, hopefully not too much, a little protein, a little vegie, something crunchy to make me feel good. This is almost always my biggest meal of the day.
6pm dinner, I try to make this smaller than lunch, depends on whats up at our house for dinner. half a plate of vegies, 1/3 of the plate, or so of meat,
I am bad at getting my water in right now, I do drink alot of iced green tea, and two 16 oz coffee, (not take out) with truvia in it.

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