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Friday, April 27, 2012

UNHEALTHY SNACKS new article by Josh Bezoni

Below is a photo of 13 unhealthy snacks. You may be surprised to see Slim Fast® and Weight Watchers® products in the group. I explain it all in the informative article below…
The first thing that may strike you as strange in this photo is the Slim Fast drink mix. You may be wondering why this Slim Fast product is along with the other "bad snacks." Well, if you look at the ingredients the very first ingredient in this product is sugar! In fact, this "weight loss drink" has 10g of sugar, just 2g of protein and is stuffed full of artificial sweeteners that can cause cravings, artificial flavors and very questionable ingredients if you are interested in losing belly fat. The next thing I would like to point out is the Weight Watchers chocolate chip soft cookies. Their first ingredient is enriched wheat flour, and the second ingredient is sugar, but this supposed "health product" also contains partially hydrogenated oils/trans fats which research has shown all sorts of negative effects in the body, including increasing the risks for certain cancers. Betty Crocker's Fruit Roll-Up product is a hoot. Many parents across America are giving this product to their children thinking that because it has the word fruit in the name of the product it is healthy, but it's not. This product contains 7g of sugar per roll, but even worse is that it contains partially hydrogenated oils, corn syrup and a lot of food dyes. You would be way better off providing fresh fruit to your child instead of one of these "belly fat bulgers." ps: Don't forget to check out my latest article on She Budgets. Just click the link to your right!

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