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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Article by League Of Fitness Superheroes Member
Brad Pilon

A few of the feasts may be over, but it's STILL the holidays.

Food. Is. Everywhere.

Not only is food everywhere, but it's being pushed on you by
friends and family.

From drinks and cookie exchanges to turkey dinners and eggnog, this
is the season for overeating.

So , what can you do to keep minimize the damage to your waistline?

Well for starters, be realistic - There's going to be food at the
events you go to, so chances are you are not going to be able to
simply NOT eat. But you can use some clever tricks to keep the
calorie intake down to a reasonable level.

My first tip is to never be empty handed at any social event.
Always have water or other calorie free beverage in your hand at
all times. A lot of eating that we do at social events is a
nervous 'tick' - a need to be doing something with your hands.
Having a water serves to purposes:

1) It puts something in your hands
2) It keeps you from mistaking thirst as hunger.

Second tip -- if you are going to drink alcohol go for a stronger
drink and sip it throughout the night. This is one of my favorite
diet hacks. Leave the mixer and sugar/fat/alcohol calorie-bomb
concoctions to everyone else.

Opt for a scotch, brandy, cognac or vodka on the rocks. The alcohol
content is roughly the same as a pint of beer, but the social
'rules' of these drinks allow you to nurse the same drink
throughout the night.

You could easily spend a night sipping an ounce and a half of
cognac, and barely take in 100 calories. And as an added bonus most
of these drinks actually taste better at room temperature, so
you'll actually be drinking them properly.

Finally, try to sneak in a 24 hour fast during the holidays. Do not
skip an event because you are fasting, and if your
busy schedule doesn't allow you to do a full 24 hours that's fine -
but try to sneak one in.....two if possible.

In an ideal world you could even 'book end' a couple of days of
holiday festivities with two fasts...but accomplishing two fasts
close together can be tricky this time of year.

Lastly, if you gain a couple pounds this month, remember - don't
stress - you know how to take them back off.

Happy Holidays!

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