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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coach Josh Newsleter

(just a note, I personally know these people, they are real, I myself am in some of Josh's newsletters, and his book.)

If your flat-belly efforts have come to a screeching halt and you feel stuck… maybe you could use a hefty dose of inspiration to get you back on track?

If so, today I wanted to share two of my "flat-belly success stories" with you that are sure to give you that motivational spark you need.

Tina: A Mother Fights for Her Children

Tina White, a 35-year-old mother of two, had tried many different diets over the years, and she was wary of being let down yet again. The last thing she needed was another disappointment.

Then, one day, she looked at her 10-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter, and it hit her like a Mack truck. Her children were following in her footsteps and, from the looks of things, that meant they were on the road to becoming very unhappy with their bodies.

Scared, Tina knew she had to take action to prevent her children from falling victim to a fat lifestyle. It was time to stop procrastinating and to start getting her family on a healthier path.

It didn't take long to discover that The BellyFatFree Program was different from all the diets Tina had tried in the past. She explains, "What I love about the program is that it's not overwhelming, it's not too strict, and it's very easy … even with a busy schedule like mine. The ugly fat melts off, and people can't help but notice the wonderful changes."

Tina's friends can't get over how great she looks, and there's a good reason why. According to the scale, Tina lost 35 pounds and her love handles vanished (not to mention those 30 inches that melted off). Best of all, Tina knows that she's now setting a good example for her children, not to mention that her relationship with her husband Neil has never been stronger.

Mark: "I Finally Have a Life Again."

Mark began following The BellyFatFree program when he was at a dangerously obese 361 pounds.

In record time, Mark lost 110 pounds, without dangerous prescription drugs or risky weight loss reduction surgery.

For Mark, the last straw was "When I had to buy size 56 pants, and the belt to go with them. I was really depressed. I just made a mental picture in my mind that I was going to be in one of those photos where I put on the 'fat pants' and showed the progress!"

Looking back, Mark feels that he was absolutely "dying of fat" before he made the decision to change. He says, "I really felt like if I did not change, I would be dead very soon. I hated myself. I would wait until dark to take the garbage out because I was embarrassed to be seen."

Well, that's all changed. Now Mark finds staying at home boring, so you're more likely to find him hitting the open road (he put 7,000 miles on his Harley Davidson motorcycle this past year!), and he laughs about saving money on gasoline now that he's 110 pounds lighter. "Sometimes I think of so many things to do that I run out of time," Mark says. "I am not used to having all this energy. Life really is wonderful!"

Now I Want to Help You

If you don't already have one of my "flat-belly programs" and you're interested in finally losing that dreadful belly flab forever, be sure to watch this special video where I reveal some shocking information on 7 hidden chemicals in foods that are secretly making you fat…

To Your AMAZING Results,

Coach Josh

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