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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yesterday's workout, and how things are going today

Good afternoon!
Last night's workout was a tough one. Didn't I just say yesterday that it was getting easier? ha ha ha
each set of exercises, done 4 minutes (yes I said 4 minutes) on, 40 seconds off.
20 switch lunges 10 squats with two 8pound weights
20 tricep dips, 10 plank jumps
20 tuck jumps with two 8pound weights, 10 burpees

Honestly, by the end, my tuck jumps were real slow!!

this morning I just got my medium step out and stepped for 20 minutes while watching ID discovery. I don't have a treadmill or a bike, so this is how I "get lost" in the exercise while watching tv. Sometimes I just don't want someone else telling me what to do.
I put my exercise and my foods in my "LOSEIT" page to keep track of calories in and calories out. I love having this gadget because it keeps me honest. You can also put this app on your phone, it just won't work for windows phones, like mine.

If you are new to my page, I will tell you, I don't go to the gym. Nothing against them, I just have my own schedule, and its just so much easier for me to workout when I want and cheaper too.
So, I have many many workout videos. If you have a question about one before you buy, ask me, odds are I have done it. Or I own it!
I have a few sets of free weights, a "riser set" from the Firm, which consists of: small step, medium step, or if stacked together, a really high step. I have "the wave" a board that can be used for balance, or stepping, also from the Firm. These are mostly what I use right in my living room for my workouts. I also have the Kinect for Xbox, I have some workouts for that as well, I love these!
Working out can be cheap, and fun. Just keep moving!!
Maybe tomorrow we will talk foods.

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